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一分时时彩Liaoning Fuxin Qianyi Fine Chemical Co。, Ltd。

Fuxin Qianyi Fine Chemical is a specialized production enterprise with integrated R&D, production and sales service of Sodium Saccharin, Insoluble Saccharin, Methyl Anthranilate, and Methyl 2-(aminosulfonyl)benzoate . The company was founded in October 2015 with a registered capital of 100 million RMB Yuan, and officially put into production on October 18, 2017. Currently, the company has more than 300 employees, with 20 management personals and 15 chemical engineers.

Our Products
  • Anhydrous Saccharin Sodium
    Anhydrous Saccharin SodiumWidely used as sweetener in consumer daily chemical industryRead More
  • Saccharin sodium (with two crystalline water)
    Saccharin sodium (with two crystalline water)Widely used for sweetening purpose, used in canned food, bevRead More
  • 8-12 Mesh saccharin Sodium
    8-12 Mesh saccharin Sodium8-12 mesh saccharin sodium is hydrated sodium saccharin withRead More
  • Methyl 2-sulfamoylbenzoate
    Methyl 2-sulfamoylbenzoateMethyl 2-(aminosulfonyl)benzoate is used as pharmaceutical iRead More
  • High Purity insoluble saccharin
    High Purity insoluble saccharinInsoluble Saccharin (high purity) plays a role in fine chemiRead More
  • Insoluble Saccharin Spray Dried
    Insoluble Saccharin Spray DriedInsoluble Saccharin or Acid Saccharin Spray Dried is commonlRead More
  • Insoluble Saccharin
    Insoluble SaccharinInsoluble saccharin is an important intermediate, mainly useRead More
  • 20-40 Mesh saccharin Sodium
    20-40 Mesh saccharin SodiumSodium Saccharin 20-40 mesh is hydrated sodium saccharin, whRead More
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A video that gives you an idea of the safety of...03 5,2018"Repellent" can also be used in a variety of airports to avoid birds to the need for low flying aircraft pose a deadly tRead More
Why is anhydrous saccharin sodium likely to be ...03 5,2018The invention of agriculture, the cultivation of rice and wheat, humans began to eat large amounts of carbohydrates (ricRead More
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